Men Health Advice

Female Erogenous Zones; Sexual Health Education Advice For Men & Women, Female Erogenous Zones; Sexual Health Education Advice For Men & Women

What the different erogenous zones? How can you improve your sex life? Are you paying far too much attention to just a few parts of the body or our there secret spots that will drive your lover wild? Find out some great advice on how to please your lover and partner to spice things up in the bedroom.

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24 thoughts on “Men Health Advice”

  1. legendnemesis says:

    viewer number 302 kicks ass

  2. resistance0311 says:

    Sara , Me you candles Whip cream hand cuffs toys midgets . Any questions ?

  3. Buddy Sturek says:

    god this chick is a boner kill 🙁

  4. hotdrumchick says:

    Why do I suddenly feel like yodelling??

  5. JaceyyHynes says:

    Another place that people forget about is the middle of the forehead

  6. zacatetas says:

    you guys didn’t think of using corina this time!??!?!!

  7. 2skullscrushing says:

    Poor women, always getting neglected.

  8. Adeel Islam says:

    awesome love this video

  9. EICHOLZtheEXPERT says:

    @IntergalacticDouche maybe she doesn’t know your name

  10. MrShoy says:

    @adamlewis7609 Oh Hai Capt. Obv!

  11. MrShoy says:

    I found out that about the belly button doind experiments 😉

  12. linuxwave says:

    are boobs fake?

  13. szd963 says:

    @IntergalacticDouche Why do we need to talk about him?

  14. flibadob says:

    @IntergalacticDouche She did say she wasn’t going to mention the obvious

  15. Yivi says:

    your ugly

  16. Daniel Ramirez says:

    I would like to try this out on her erogenous zones… 😉

  17. Zaki Bhatti says:

    thankyou so much…. i like your video.

  18. Ainsley Harriott says:

    LOL there’s very few areas that she left out.

  19. wolvie041007 says:

    i love the sexy female feet

  20. carlc1987 says:

    1 thing. 1. the mouth – The girl in that picture looks 12 years old, bit

  21. Rashed Khoory says:

    This woman is ugly

  22. 09Mrsubaru says:

    Is this 1990?

  23. Dawn R.F. says:

    Okay, here is all you need to remember: ALL of a woman’s skin is erogenous.

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