Can Botox Make You Look Less Tired?

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Half of a woman's face

Is there anything quite as dramatic as having to deal with ageing? It’s something that both men and women have to deal with as they get older; from wrinkles and laughter lines to sagging and skin discoloration, we all have to deal with the effects of time at some point in our lives. With so many products and treatment information on the internet such as wrinkle creams reviews, botox, and even skin needling vapire treatments (!!), is it any wonder that even more people are actually beginning to defy the effects of ageing and staying younger looking for longer? There are many treatments around, but one thing remains the same; they all claim to reduce the effects of ageing and an keep you looking younger and healthier for longer.

Does Botox Really Work

One of the most popular treatments available is Botox. Although this is considered a form of intrusive surgery, it’s actually growing in popularity. So what exactly is an anti aging centre? Well in simple terms, it’s the insertion of a chemical compound that helps to reinforce your facial structure in order to provide a perkier, fresher appearance. As the chemicals fade, it’s important to renew the levels of Botox that have been applied and these time scales can vary from anywhere between a few months to a few years depending on the amount of Botox that’s been used.

Surgery – Is It For You

As the surgery is pretty straight forward, people from all walks of life are able to opt for the procedure. Sometimes a local anaesthetic will be applied, but in most cases it’s as simple as preparing the area for the needle to be inserted, and then simply inserting the compound. There are very few reactions to the procedure and people are left with a face that could literally look a decade younger even when they have had serious skin issues such as acne.