Tired Men Need Powering Up – With Viagra?

BluePill-300x168There are several factors that can affect how the body is able to produce nitric oxide and these can include age, confidence and even blood pressure levels. It’s because of these reasons that older males, particularly those above the ages of 50, may begin to suffer with erectile dysfunction as their heart begins to pump blood around the body at a lower rate, meaning that a consistent amount of blood to the penis and genitalia in general may not be sufficient enough to maintain an erection.

Confidence can also be a factor as it can sometimes be hard to maintain an erection if the nervous system isn’t fit for purpose. Shyness and emotional unhappiness have also been linked to erectile dysfunction as the blood will spend more time in the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs than anywhere else. As a result, a lack of confidence can decrease the amounts of nitric acid within erectile tissue that relies on blood to assist with transportation.

So what does Viagra do? Well it actually compliments the way in which nitric acid can function within erectile tissue, rather than provide an erection outright. When a male is aroused, the nitric acid produced will stimulate the further production of an enzyme known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate, or cGMP. This enzyme helps to soften muscles into a state of relaxation, which makes it a lot easier for blood to enter the erectile tissue and remain there until the erection is no longer active.

As a result, Viagra (and also Cialis) doesn’t help to create an erection; it simply enhances the level of chemicals that are being produced during arousal which means that each of them are far more effective at doing what they do best. The conclusion is that even a flaccid penis that receives little blood flow can experience an erection typically associated with youth in both vigour and longevity.
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